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A Bathroom Project - all aspects of the installation

This is a bathroom installation we completed in Purbrook. The client had booked to go on holiday during the installation. These were the pictures taken during the project to show the client exactly what we had done during the installation.

Scroll down and select each photograph to see an enlarged version.

BathroomBathroom - Shower - Installation

A large shower is a great asset to any luxury bathroom.

Bathroom - Shower - Installation

Lights on!

Bathroom - Shower - Installation

The shower enclosure is installed..

Towel Rail

A Towel radiator is a good source of heat in any bathroom.

Bathroom - Shower - Installation

The unit under the boiler not only hides the pipe work but also doubles up as some very valuable storage space!
Bathroom completed

The vanity unit and sink are installed. The toilet is installed and a custom built ‘light-box’ is built above the sink unit.
Bathroom - Shower - Installation

The walls are tiled and grouted. The towel radiator is also installed.
Bathroom floor laid

The floor is tiled using a specialist flexible adhesive. It is also grouted with a specialist flexible grout so that if there is any movement the grout does not crack. The shower tray is also installed and waste plumbed in.

Bathroom wall viewed from bedroom

From the bedroom.
Bathroom services installed

The new floor is ply-lined and stabilized to allow for the floor to be tiled. This is standard a procedure when laying tiles onto a wooden floor. It removes excess movement so the tiles do not move and crack. The floor is screwed every 150mm. An access hatch is also cut into the floor to gain access when the shower waste is installed.
Bathroom - Shower - Installation

The new wall is plasterboarded to make the two rooms separate once more.
Bathroom - Shower - Installation

The floor has new floorboards laid. Any pipework is re-routed to be hidden under the new floor.
Stud wall being constructed

The studwork is installed. The wall is moved 400mm into the bedroom to make the bathroom bigger.
Bathroom viewed from bedroom

From the second bedroom showing the wall removed.

Bathroom wall removed

The existing stud wall between the bathroom and second bedroom is removed.

Bathroom cleared

The tiles are removed from the walls and all the furniture/sanitary ware removed from the room.
Bathroom prior to strip out

Bathroom prior to strip out



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